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The challenge of corporate reporting is based on the volume of data and the complexity of information from a global business. Clear, complete and unified information about corporate performance across the organization are key aspects founding a basis for consistent numbers and to provide one single source of information, replacing diverse reporting channels. The segregated information needs to be aggregated and consolidated from various sources and systems, which does not simplify the task to manage data quality and integrity along the reporting process. Building and maintaining easy and efficient information flows and processing cycles will maximise your return and continuously satisfy increasing demands of investors and other stakeholders regarding

  • financial and non-financial information
  • structured and unstructured information
  • business and decision critical information

Precise reporting, analysis and planning is enabled through faciliating the delivery of business-critical information. But statutory reporting goes far beyond consistent information. It is about implementing and enforcing corporate requirements in order to

  • comply to standards and regulations (SOX)
  • manage multi-GAAP financial consolidation
  • provide audit trails
  • meet and reduce internal and external reporting deadlines

Corporate reporting is also about providing and sharing information to all appropriate target groups. It is about managing a single source for internal and external compliance and performance reporting, addressing the various information needs of

  • the markets and investors
  • the board of directors and management on all levels
  • operations and departments
  • regulators and auditors

Being in the position to satisfy all target groups from one consistent source, whether for customer relationship management of your external sales force or the strategic performance review of the management board, is what makes your reporting "intelligent".

Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting
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